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        Solar indoor system for communities without access to electricity or with an unreliable power supply. By harnessing the abundant energy from the sun, these systems deliver free and clean power to multiple lamps and appliances, enhancing the lifestyles of remote communities.


        Brings light to areas without access to electric grid or unreliable power supply
        Saves energy
        Extends lifestyles beyond sunset and improves comfort during the day
        Environment friendly
        Sturdy construction for long life
        Applicable to homes as well as business establishments
        Mobile charging via USB port
        Specific models for powering DC appliances for enhancing the lifestyles of remote communities


        Highly efficient and long-life LED light sources
        Easy to operate – Single button dimming and ON/OFF controls
        Highly efficient MPPT charge controllers for maximising run time and built-in protection circuits for long life.
        Long-lasting replaceable lithium iron phosphate battery in all portable lamps
        Intuitive display for ease of use
        Charges mobile phones safely
        specific models with the ability to power specific DC appliances


        Small shops and business establishments
        Guard rooms
        Primary schools
        Community centres
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