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    Outdoor Sensing

    The outdoor Multisensor will help you to save additional energy and limits light pollution. Additionally, it will increase safety and human well-being in your city.

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    Outdoor Sensing
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        The Philips Outdoor Multisensor is a Zhaga-D4i DALI Part 351 Type B certified product that contains multiple sensing modalities in a single hardware to support different smart city applications. The product connects to the bottom side of the streetlight luminaires via the Zhaga Book 18 socket interface. The Outdoor Multisensor can be mounted on a streetlight with a DALI LED driver (SR/D4i). It can operate standalone or locally networked with multiple multisensors. sensor configuration, and grouping of sensors setup, as well as firmware updates, are done via the Philips Outdoor Multisensor Mobile app. The OMS can also be used in combination with a connected streetlight with a DALI LED driver (SR/D4i).


        Increase safety and reduce crime, by having the right amount of light when there is activity
        Maximize energy savings and maintain road user safety.
        Grouping of sensors for light comfort.
        Photocell to avoid lights turning on during daytime.


        Motion sensing with radar for light on-demand applications.
        Grouping of sensors for light comfort.
        Light sensor to enable dusk-to-dawn operation.
        Additional sensing modalities can be enabled at a system level for smart city applications.


        Road and Street
        Parks and Plazas
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