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    HF-Regulator Intelligent Touch DALI for PL-T/C and TL5C

    Dimming – a next step in energy saving

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    HF-Regulator Intelligent Touch DALI for PL-T/C and TL5C
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        Intelligent high-frequency electronic dimming ballast, using DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface according to IEC62386) or Touch and Dim push-button protocol for fluorescent lamps. Features Corridor Mode, programmable with Philips MultiOne. High-frequency operation improves light quality and lamp lifetime. Pre-empts upcoming legislation as it meets A1BAT requirements.


        Programmed start: flicker-free ignition in 0.5 seconds and striation-free operation, no stroboscopic effects. Preheating the lamp electrodes enables the lamps to be switched on and off without reducing life
        Smart power ensures constant light, independent of mains fluctuations, and dimming from 3 to 100%
        Protected against excessive mains voltages, incorrect connections and incorrect lamp use


        Extremely low stand-by losses, controlled cut-off for dimming levels above 80%
        Combined with controls, additional energy savings can be achieved
        Stop circuit is activated within 5 seconds of lamp failure (safety stop), and ballast resets automatically after lamp replacement
        HF operation improves light quality and lamp lifetime
        Programmable Corridor Mode
        Compliant with European and Asian norms and suitable for emergency lighting systems


        Indoor general and task lighting applications in combination with lighting control systems (personal control, daylight linking and/or movement detection)
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