HF-Performer II Xtreme for TL5/TL-D lamps

    Xtreme drivers for long life and reliable performance

    HF-Performer II Xtreme for TL5/TL-D lamps

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        Enhance the quality of applications with robust driver technologyHF-Performer Xtreme is a unique X-technology from Philips that guarantees the longest lifetime and highest reliability under the harshest conditions.


        HF-P Xtreme has a special cooler “Xtreme” for a long lifetime and low failure rate (0.1%/1,000 hours)
        Suitable for use in outdoor and industrial environments thanks to protection against transients; also suitable for class I and class II luminaires
        HF-P Xtreme gear is optimized for the unique dosing of the emitter, resulting in an optimized lamp life with over 100,000 on/off switching operations on one lamp


        Protects against transient voltage peaks up to 4,000 V and excessive mains voltage and incorrect connections up to 400 V
        Nominal service life of over 250,000 hours at Ta=50 ˚C
        Thermally robust to operate efficiently under the toughest conditions


        Ideal for applications with high maintenance costs or where lamp failure is unacceptable
        Can be used with movement-detection control systems like Philips OccuPlus
        Applications where gear replacement can cause unsafe situations, hassle or high costs, such as installations with high ceilings or in geographically remote areas, tunnels, airports or underground railway stations
        Industrial premises such as food-processing and petrochemical plants
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