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    ColorBlast RGBA/RGBW Powercore gen4

    ColorBlast RGBA/RGBW Powercore gen4 - four channels for maximum control of color

    ColorBlast RGBA/RGBW Powercore gen4
    Color Kinetics

        Product family information

        ColorBlast RGBA/RGBW Powercore gen4 is the next generation of indoor and outdoor floodlighting. Ideally suited for wall washing, grazing and spotlighting, ColorBlast Powercore RGBA gen4 is a high-performance fixture that provides the benefits of fully saturated colors plus amber. All four channels used together expand the available range of colors to include orange and warmer tones. ColorBlast Powercore RGBW gen4 is best suited for pastels, saturated red, and producing white and color light in the same fixture. ColorBlast RGBA/RGBW Powercore gen4 also offers a range of field-configurable beam angles, as well as the flexibility of customization with a full range of accessories that can be used in endless configurations.


        Higher lumen output for a dynamic color fixture
        Available colors include orange and warmer tones
        Color flexibility and consistency


        Powercore technology directly accepts line voltage
        Light output of 1,600 lumens, full on RGBA and 1,800 lumens, full on RGBW
        Optional spread lenses of 20°, 40°, 60°, 80°, and 10° x 40° asymmetric
        Rugged mounting bracket allows simple positioning and fixture rotation
        Clean design of flat front to eliminate water pooling
        Complete set of accessories


        Building facades
        Monuments and sculptures
        Parks and gardens
        Bridges and structures
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        Product family details
        • BCP484
        Light source
        • Integral LED-module
        • 50 W
        Beam angle
        • 10, 20, 40, 60, 80 or 10 x 40º
        Luminous flux
        • RGBW: 1800 lm
        • RGBA: 1600 lm
        Luminaire efficacy
        • 32 lm/W
        Correlated Color Temperature
        • 2700-4000 K
        Color Rendering Index
        • >85
        Maintenance of lumen output - L70B10
        • 100,000 hours
        Operating temperature range
        • -40 to +50 ºC
        • Built-in (self ballasted LED-module)
        Power/Data Supply
        • Data enabler Pro; integrated data and power for intelligent LED lighting fixtures using Powercore
        Mains voltage
        • 100-277 V AC / 50-60 Hz
        • Philips full range of controllers including Light System Manager, iPlayer 3, ColorDial Pro or third-party controllers
        • Housing: die-cast aluminum (low copper-content, anodized and powder coated)
        • Optical cover: tempered glass, clear
        • Grey, black, white
        • Other RAL colors available on request
        • Cable inlcuded
        • No internal cleaning needed
        • Adjustable tilt angle: 350º
        • Spread lens, full glare shield, half glare shield, rock guard, honeycomb louver, trim ring available as accessoires
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