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        Product family information

        Luma gen2 is the next generation of the Luma LED luminaire family, fully optimised to become your long-term lighting and innovation partner. While keeping the distinctive design characteristics of the first generation, Luma gen2 gives you the benefits of the latest technologies thanks to its future-proof System Ready architecture, use of optimised Ledgine LED and optical platform ensuring best-in-class lighting performance in a broad range of applications. It also offers improved serviceability. Installation has also become easier and faster, and thanks to the Service tag, you have access to all relevant documentations onsite. Also, the cable feed-through has been redesigned and access to the gear components is easy thanks to top down tool-less access. Luma gen2 also offers all connectivity and dimming options available today and thanks to being System Ready, it can also to be paired with lighting management systems such as Interact City or existing and upcoming sensor innovations. The Luma gen2 has been developed to optimise and simplify spare part repair and maintenance work using a new plug-and-play GearFlex module containing all electrical components in an easy to handle and accessible box inside the housing. As a company conscious about the impact of light on the environment and biodiversity, we also equipped the Luma gen2 with dedicated light recipes that help with maintaining the optimal ecosystems for bats or preserve a dark night sky.


        Ease of maintenance and spare part repair enabled through the dedicated GearFlex module
        Best-in-class efficiency and light performance in a broad range of applications
        Future-ready thanks to the SR (System Ready) socket
        The luminaire is also equipped with dedicated light recipes that help with: 1) maintaining the optimal ecosystems for bats 2) preserve a dark night sky and reduce light pollution
        Equipped with a service tag, a QR-based identification system that makes each luminaire uniquely identifiable and provides maintenance, installation and spare part information


        Dedicated GearFlex module enabling faster, safer and tool-less maintenance
        New cable feed-through for easy installation
        Ready to be connected to the Interact City lighting management software
        Ready to be paired with third-party lighting management systems and sensors
        Tilt now with 2-5-degree precision
        Efficacy up to 155 lm/W
        Choice of 40+ different beams and the option of different internal louvres
        Further optimisation on performance flux level enabled by the Philips L-Tune
        Surge protection up to 10 kV
        Wide range of lumen packages, ranging from 1,000 to 55,000 lm


        Motorways, inter-urban main roads, boulevards and avenues, roundabouts, pedestrian crossings
        Residential streets, side streets, squares, parks, cycle and pedestrian paths, playgrounds
        Parking areas, industrial areas, petrol stations, rail yards, airports, harbours, waterways
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        Product family details
        Ambient Temperature
        • -40 to +50 °C
        Main colour of the luminaire
        • Gray
        • No, yes
        • Power supply unit with DynaDimmer (PSDD)
        • Power supply unit with DALI and SystemReady interface (Power supply unit with DALI and SystemReady interface)
        Driver failure rate at 5,000 h in %
        • 0.005 %
        Initial correlated colour temperature
        • 1000 K, 3000 K, 4000 K
        Initial input power
        • 166 W, 25 W, 38 W, 40.5 W, 52 W, 74 W, 79 W, 83 W, 91 W
        Initial LED luminaire efficacy
        • 86, 108, 109, 111, 120, 142, 144, 146, 153 lm/W
        Initial luminous flux
        • 10800 lm, 10920 lm, 12740 lm, 17850 lm, 3600 lm, 4482 lm, 4500 lm, 5400 lm, 8600 lm
        Input frequency
        • 50 to 60 Hz
        Input voltage
        • 220 to 240 V
        Inrush current (A)
        • 4, 21, 58 A
        Light source colour
        • 510 ClearField, 740 neutral white, 830 warm white
        Light source replaceable
        • Yes
        • Bracket:
        • Gear box:
        • Housing: aluminum die–cast
        • Distribution extra-wide 10, distribution medium 10, distribution medium 11, distribution medium 50, distribution wide 50
        Optical cover
        • Polymethyl methacrylate
        Surge protection
        • Luminaire surge protection level up to 6 kV differential mode and 8 kV common mode
        Tilt angle housing
        • Standard tilt angle post-top: 0°Standard tilt angle side entry: -
        • BGP702
        • BGP703
        • BGP704
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