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        Product family information

        The successor to our famous Metronomis conventional product range, the Metronomis 1 LED luminaire is the obvious LEDdifying solution to our Cambridge, Berlin, Bordeaux, Brussels and Porto luminaire versions. Metronomis 1 LED is a family of five highly distinctive luminaires and dedicated supports (poles and brackets), which can be used with a wide variety of optics to provide architects and lighting designers with the total solution needed to create a unified, consistent lighting design that still reflects the differences in urban culture and history. In its daytime appearance, the Metronomis1 LED integrates harmoniously with any street scene, while its night-time appearance is both functional – guiding people and traffic safely through the city – and decorative, creating a pleasant ambience in city squares and pedestrian precincts.


        Original Metronomis design, contemporary, elegant and modular
        An energy-efficient luminaire: energy cost savings of an estimated 40 - 60% compared to conventional luminaires
        Suitable for both renovation projects and new installations thanks to dedicated brackets and poles


        Available versions: Cambridge, Berlin, Bordeaux, Brussels, Porto
        A broad range of lumen outputs and optics to ensure maximum efficiency at all lighting levels
        Surge protection: 10 kV
        Dedicated Metronomis brackets and poles
        Compatible with all Philips standard and advanced public lighting systems


        Urban and residential areas
        City centres and high streets
        Cycle paths, footpaths and pedestrian crossings
        Product family details
        • -40 to +50 °C
        Beam angle
        • 45° - 17° x 150°, 53° - 35° x 150°
        • Gray
        • Plug-in connector 5-pole Wieland/Adels compatible (W5)
        • No, yes
        • Power supply unit with DALI interface (PSD)
        • Power supply unit (PSU)
        • 3000, 4000 K
        • 37, 43 W
        • 104, 110 lm/W
        • 3800, 4700 lm
        • 220 to 240 V
        • 740 neutral white, 830 warm white
        • Yes
        • Housing: aluminum
        • Metronomis distribution medium, metronomis distribution wide
        • Polycarbonate
        • BDS580
        • BDS592
        • 5 years
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