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        Product family information

        Many tunnel authorities have an outdated tunnel lighting installation that urgently needs to be replaced, but have only limited budget available. We are able to fulfill their requirements. TubePoint is the result of years of experience in tunnel lighting combined with the latest technologies developed by Philips. With its modular design and modern LED architecture, TubePoint Performer is a versatile, cost-effective luminaire that meets the most stringent tunnel lighting requirements. It is made of highest-quality components that are dedicated for tunnels, thus ensuring a long lifetime, good performance and low maintenance costs.The efficiency of the optics means the number of luminaires can be reduced significantly compared with a conventional solution. And a high lumen per watt ratio at system level improves the total cost of ownership. TubePoint is part of Philips’ comprehensive solution for tunnel lighting.


        Flexible mounting solution, quick release for easy maintenance
        Excellent quality optics, longer distance between luminaires
        Fast payback


        Direct replacement of existing conventional luminaires (up to SON-T 400 W)
        Flexibility in application thanks to a range of lumen outputs and tunnel optics
        Compatible with TunneLogic and third-party Powerline control systems
        Option of remote driver for quick and easy maintenance
        Wide choice of mounting systems


        Traffic tunnels and underpasses
        Product family details
        • BGP231 (mini version)
        • BGP232 (small version)
        • BGP233 (medium version)
        • BGP234 (large version)
        Light source
        • Integral LED-module
        • Up to 450 W (depending on LED configuration)
        Luminous flux
        • Up to 52,000 lm
        Luminaire efficacy
        • > 100 lm/W
        Correlated Color Temperature
        • 4000 K (neutral white, NW)
        Color Rendering Index
        • 80
        Useful life L80B10
        • 100,000 hours
        Operating temperature range
        • -30 to +35 ºC
        • Integrated or remote in driver box
        Mains voltage
        • 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
        • Local power line
        • Constant Light Output (CLO)
        • DALI
        • Compatible with Tunnel Logic and 3-rd party PowerLine control systems
        • Correlated Color Temperature 5700 K
        • Operating temperature range -30 to +40 ºC and -30 to +45 ºC
        • Surge protection device (SPD)
        • Tunnel asymmetrical (DTA)
        • Tunnel counter-beam (DTCB)
        • Tunnel symmetrical (DTS)
        • Tunnel asymmetrical wide beam (DTA-WB)
        • Tunnel symmetrical wide beam (DTS-WB)
        Optical cover
        • Glass, flat
        • Housing: die-cast aluminum, high pressure
        • Top rail: extruded aluminum, anodized
        • Cover: glass, thermally hardened, 4 mm thick
        • Philips dark grey
        • MSP powder painting
        • Flying lead with option for cusomer socket
        • Instalation on tilted bracket 0-90º (wall or ceiling) or dedicated ceiling bracket
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