Office life with connected lighting

The Edge, Amsterdam,

The Netherlands

At The Edge, a state-of-the-art Philips connected lighting system helps create a more comfortable, productive, and sustainable environment.

Innovation is our highest priority and we want to raise the bar in terms of data analysis, delivering new insight into the use of the office space. It shows how we can reduce CO2 emissions from buildings and create a more sustainable world
- Eric Ubels, CIO Deloitte
The Edge-Connected Lighting for offices-Philips lighting
The Edge-Connected Lighting for offices-Philips lighting
The Edge-Connected Lighting for offices-Philips lighting

Customer challenge

The Edge is an innovative, 40,000 m2, multi-tenant office building in the Zuidas business district in Amsterdam. The main design goal was to create an intuitive, comfortable, and productive environment for employees that could serve as inspiration for sustainable building designs around the world.

The right lighting

OVG and Deloitte worked closely with Philips lighting who delivered a connected lighting system that uses cutting-edge technologies to enhance the flexibility of the open-plan office.

It not only allows employees to personalize the lighting and temperature at their workspaces using a smartphone app, but it also provides building managers with realtime data on operations and activities. This data allows facility managers to maximize operational efficiency as well as reduce the building’s CO2 footprint.

The system uses nearly 6,500 connected LED luminaires to create a ‘digital ceiling’ in the building’s 15 stories. With integrated sensors in 3,000 of these luminaires that work with Philips Envision lighting management software, the system captures, stores, shares and distributes information throughout the illuminated space.

Facility managers use the software to visualize and analyze this data, track energy consumption and streamline maintenance operations.

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Personal control

Sustainable innovation

Facility management

Leading the way with connected lighting

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The Team

OVG Real Estate


Ron Bakker, Lee Polisano, PLP Architecture, OeverZaaijer


Babette Bouman, Laura Atsma, Rick Rijksen, Fokkema & Partners

Interior Architects



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