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    Convenience store

    Inviting Indoor

    An attractive, inviting, LED-lit indoor environment will attract customers, re-inforce your brand image – all while saving you energy.


    Mini-supermarkets are booming. People want to buy little and often, especially for items intended for immediate use or consumption. And an increasing number of grab-and-go stores are offering seating in combination with fresh, healthy and tasty food options. Energy-saving LED lighting options range from store-enhancing lighting to lighting recipes that optimize the attractiveness of fresh food displays. Adaptive and dynamic lighting systems can create the optimal atmosphere while highlighting different product categories during different times of the day. Our central management system gives you the power to effectively manage your entire chain’s energy use, reduce maintenance costs and ensure store consistency.

    Get energy smart


    Since you can precisely control the output of LEDs, you can create the best and most effective lighting schemes. And by using smart controls you can achieve even more energy savings while ensuring a consistent light experience throughout the store.


    Use light when and where you need it.

    Get energy smart - led canopy lights for gas station
    Build a better experience - led lights for convenience store

    Build a better experience


    Our full range of luminaires and controls will display products at their best and will provide the flexibility to create atmospheres, highlight specific products or zones and draw people’s attention. Not only can this induce your customers to buy, it will also support your efforts to make your stations the favorite place for travelers to freshen up, recharge and check their email. We have luminaire families that enhance the look of various food categories and emphasize the bright colors on packaging.


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